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It took us much, much longer than planned to get the horsebox converted, kitted out and approved. Everything we wanted to do seemed to create it’s own unique set of issues – we are learning this about doing business!

So, eventually, everything was set up in August (2018) and we started casting around for markets or events to get involved with. Next problem – convincing people to take a punt on having us… The amazing folk at Indie Fude (@Indiefude) in Comber have been super supportive of what we are doing and took some kegs for their supper club at the end of August. There were a few teething problems (as expected) but they carried on and produced some welcome cocktails for their guests.

Thankfully, the fanstastic people at the ABV Festival (@ABVfest) in Carlisle Memorial Church, Belfast also ‘got’ the product and gave us a slot in their line-up. This would be our first proper test and we were under no illusions about it being straightforward. Again, we encountered a few problems initially – it isn’t good when you pull the tap back to serve the first customer and nothing happens… The good thing is that we now understand why nothing happened but that doesn’t provide much comfort when you are standing, red faced, in front of an expectant customer trying to explain that good things come to those who wait.

The festival itself is amazing. Get yourself along if you are interested in the best local beers (and some very tasty food too from Mike’s Fancy Cheese, Ispini, The Hatch, Bia Rebel & Mini Maegden) served in a really cool setting. The coffee received some amazing feedback despite the focus being on beer – obviously. Our Temple brew was the favourite coffee and we enjoyed the reactions as people watched it settle and cascade. As we had two of us there on the Saturday I was abe to sample some of the beers and get out of the box for a chat with local brewers and producers – it was a fantastic atmosphere and a really well organised event. Well done guys.

Onwards and upwards for the coffee – our next step is sorting out a calendar for next year to hit as many events as possible and let everyone try the product. In the meantime, we have been supplying some people with table top kegs and taps so they can enjoy the coffee at home. Give us a shout if you would like to get in on this – we can’t make any promises at this stage as our equipment is in short supply but we are working on this.