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About Nitro Coffee Co


Aaron (AP) & Lucia (just Lucia) Beattie love cold brew coffee after experiencing it in Vancouver and The Rockies. When we got back home we were looking for a new business project to get our teeth into and thought we should attempt to bring cold-brew to our people. Sure – how hard could it be? We quickly realised that it would be harder than we could imagine but we won’t get into that right now… We formed Little Ridge Coffee in May 2017 and set about developing a product. Eventually we decided on heading down the Nitro route for something really different and Nitro Coffee Co was born.

The beans, the beans – it must start with the beans

Bad beans = bad coffee (and there is a whole list of other things you could get wrong too). We took our time and experimented with many different beans and suppliers. We are still experimenting on the basis that we might not have found the best bean yet!

Slowly but surely

The freshly ground coffee is brewed slowly in cold, filtered water. It smells fantastic. The cold-brew process extracts less of the bitter, acidic flavours from the coffee. This doesn’t necessarily mean it tastes better – we love hot coffee too – but the taste is smoother, creamer, more refreshing.

And then there was kegging!

The brewed coffee gets kegged and chilled. Then it gets charged with Nitrogen. After that – it gets served and enjoyed. The Nitrogen partially dissolves into the coffee which gives the cascade and the creamy head. It looks amazing and it tastes pretty good too.


The coffee might be creamy but there ain’t no cream in it. We don’t use any animal products to create our drink. We do offer a couple of syrups that can be added to the coffee for those with a sweet tooth. Our cups are made from organic material instead of plastic and all our processing equipment is reusable.